Rotella Performance Workshops

What People Say...

Success is an Attitude

“My change in attitude will enhance my success in business and with my family as well as on the golf course.” 

--Craig Genko, VP, Brubaker, Cole & Associates

"The Rotella Workshop was terrific in its power to motivate me to have a positive attitude about all facets of my life."

​--Hank Antosz, Chait/Day/Mojo

"You opened my mind in a way never done before, to the mental side of the game."

--Thomas F. Randolf, Chairman, FCB/West, Foote, Cone & Belding

"More usable, realistic, practical instruction on golf in two days than others provide in a full week clinic."

--Brian O. Burns, Executive VP, Saatchi & Saatchi

"Not only did I learn a lot about my golf game and myself, but as a result of the workshop structure I spent the entire day involved with my clients and really got to know them too."

--Joe Willex, Marketing Manager, Newsweek

"Bob Rotella's work with our Olympic Equestrian Team helped us achieve our must successful results ever - the team Golf Medal and individual Golf and Silver medals!"

--Chrystine Jones, Director, US Equestrian Team

"Doc knows the athletes we see on television every Sunday.  That makes for fascinating stories.  He also knows the problems of business.  That is why we host Rotella Workshops for our best customers year after year."

--Doug Vaughan, Director of Sales, Pepsi Cola Company

"Bob Rotella was a tremendous motivator in helping our 1996 UMASS basketball team achieve a 35 and 2 record.  Doc's concepts kept us thinking like winners against all odds."

--John Calipari, Head Basketball Coach UMASS, now Head Coach U of Kentucky

"Dr. Rotella's mind mastery principles are key to succeeding in business, and in life.  By applying these methods in daily life, you'll achieve success."

--Launny Steffens, ​Executive VP, Merrill Lynch

“It’s the person thatthinks well that makes it. Bob Rotella helped me … keep my attitude positive and patient even in the most difficult competitive situations.”

 --Pat Bradley, LPGA Hall of Fame
“I used to be happy to finish in the Top 125 and keep my PGA Tour card. Then I went to work with Dr. Rotella who said if I think that way I’m probably going to hang around that number. He said you might as well think about yourself as one of the world’s top players and try to get there. That mindset takes you to where you end up being”. Mark is now No. 49 in the Official World Golf Ranking and No. 89 on the PGA Tour’s Career Earnings list, at more than $12.8 million.
 --Mark Wilson, PGA Tour Champion

“Bob Rotella helped me realize that my attitude is the major difference between ‘average’ performance and ‘winning’ performance.”

 --Tom Kite, US Open Champion, PGA Hall of Fame

“When I made triple bogey on the 15th hole in the final round of the 2011 PGA Championship, I felt that I could almost hear Dr. Bob talking to me, telling me to stay patient, to go through my process. I kept my composure, made a few birdies, and won the tournament. When I started working with Dr. Bob in 2010, I was struggling on the Nationwide Tour. With his help, I am now a multiple winner on the PGA Tour. It’s cool and fun to have Dr. Bob on my team. He has helped me in so many ways – not only to play better golf, but to enjoy the game.”

 --Keegan Bradley, Winner 2011 PGA Championship